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I love to share my knowledge with others. That's why I regularly write articles on Azure and Security related subjects from the IT Pro world. If you'd like me to write on a particular topic, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Hyper-V to Azure Stack HCI Discovery Script

When  migrating from Hyper-V to Azure Stack HCI, it's important to gather the right kind of information to support migration strategy moving forward. I created a short script to help with this process. When migrating, we need to know lots of informatio...

Azure Devops Terraform Secure VM domain join

Well, my SEO plugin kept warning me that the title of this article was too long - so I made it shorter but the below is exactly what this article describes how to do; Creating an Azure Keyvault in Terraform, and using secrets from the vault to automaticall...

Importing Azure resources to the Terraform State with Devops

Terraform is fabulous at creating and managing infrastructure via code. It creates repeatable documented infrastructure. Sometimes however, due to timeouts or bugs in the community driven platform, it goes wrong and you can be left a successful plan phase, ...

A Safe IaC CI/CD Terraform Pipeline with Azure DevOps

There are a few articles around that show you how to create an Azure DevOps continuous integration / development pipeline, but none of them are production ready as they don’t show you how to configure approvals, and the plan / apply phases are joined into a...

Setting up Windows 10 for Terraform IaC

Ensuring your Windows 10 device is configured correctly to work with Azure Devops & Terraform for IaC is very important. I've created a guide on how to do this correctly which should ease your transition to IaC if you're used to web-based or PowerShel...
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