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I have a keen interest in most things tech, from PowerShell to 3d Printing to catching domains. Here are some of my massive nerd projects...
3d Printed Golf Rake

3d Printed Golf Rake

I created this model using Blender when the first wave of Coronavirus hit as I'm a keen golfer (8 handicap) and my dad suggested I make one.

Took over 100 down to my golf club hollinwell and threw the model up here so others with 3d printers could purchase (for a very modest fee) and print their own for their own golf clubs.

I own a Prusa Mk3 3d Printer printer with the MMU2 upgrade which created most of these prints..

.uk Domain catching

I started being interested in domains around 2010 and wrote a C program in linux to chase for any dropping domains that either had value, or I could use myself.

I now have a portfolio of around 50 .uk based domains - lots of 3 letter domains which can be seen here.

Sorry - not sharing the code :).

3d Printed Golf Rake
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